Bearing in mind that Low Level Flight (LLF) is the most safety critical part of aviation which has available very different and un-harmonized meteorological products, project idea eGAFOR is based on cooperation between MET Service Providers (METSPs) in Central and Southeast Europe with the goal to provide a consolidated and harmonized MET product for a flight planned over continuous area covering several states.

Future consolidated and harmonized MET product, the eGAFOR forecasts, will be issued in a consolidated way. Forecasters in neighbouring Meteorological Watch Offices (MWOs) will consolidate and harmonise their eGAFOR forecasts on common cross border routes for the same validity period. All eGAFOR forecasts will be produced on the same system and finally will be available for end users in one place (One Stop Shop).

METSPs participating in the Project, beside SMATSA llc, are ARSO – Slovenian Environment Agency, BHANSA – Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, Croatia Control Ltd., OMSZ – Hungarian Meteorological Service, ROMATSA - Romanian air traffic services administration and SHMU – Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. IBL Software Engineering is participating as an industrial partner.

Due to the Project goal the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), the European Commission body, has recognized the eGAFOR Project and EU co-funded it with 85%.

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